Gourmet chocolates, ice cream and coffee from Colorado.

About Maroon Bells

Home of the gourmet chocolate gift baskets

Indulge your taste buds with a mouth watering, rich, creamy chocolate delight, a delightfully smooth java fusion, or a frozen ice cream sensation. Uncover pure bliss with Maroon Bells Chocolates fine gourmet chocolate, homemade gourmet ice cream and premium roast gourmet coffee.

Maroon Bells, named after Colorado's famous double mountain, is an upscale café specializing in fine gourmet chocolates, homemade ice cream, and premium roast coffee. The Maroon Bells Mountain, located just outside of Aspen, Colorado, is the most photographed peak in North America for its extraordinary beauty through changing seasons. As the seasons change on the Colorado Mountain, Maroon Bells Chocolates releases their renowned seasonal gourmet chocolate products. With an assortment of flavors, Maroon Bells Chocolates has a seasonal creation for everyone to enjoy.

When the snow begins to fall in Colorado and the holidays approach, our fine gourmet chocolates are in high demand. Chocolate lovers are in heaven with a large assortment of Maroon Bells gourmet chocolates from gourmet chocolate truffles to chocolate covered pretzels to gourmet chocolate candies. Try our signature chocolate truffles, a Colorado chocolate lover's favorite. Experience a blissful chocolate delight with our rich and creamy gourmet Denver chocolates.

As the snow begins to melt, so does the demand for our gourmet chocolate as Colorado screams for Maroon Bells premium homemade ice cream. Available in an array of satisfying flavors (from mocha to espresso?), our homemade ice cream is sure to hit the spot. If you thought our chocolates were a delight, wait until you try our signature chocolate flavored homemade ice cream, infused with our beloved chocolate recipe.

Coffee lovers are in heaven as our premium roast coffee is brewed year round. A hot Espresso to warm you up or an ice cold Frappé Latte to cool you down, Maroon Bells brews your coffee drink of choice. Wake up with Maroon Bells signature blend, premium roast coffee. Don't leave without trying our signature hot chocolate made from our fine gourmet chocolate recipe.

Our delightful fine gourmet chocolates are made in our Denver, Colorado chocolate factory using our secret chocolate recipes. The Maroon Bells Denver Chocolates founders have extensive experience in the confectionery industry from working for cocoa suppliers to building chocolate factories from Peru to Shanghai to being trained as a chocolatier in Europe and the United States.

When the holidays arise, give the gift of a gourmet delight. From Maroon Bells chocolate candy gifts to coffee gift baskets, Maroon Bells has a seasonal gourmet chocolate gift for everyone.

Experience a rich, creamy Denver chocolate delight. Find a Maroon Bells location near you or order our fine gourmet Denver chocolate online.